FEAT Fitness Background

Training With FEAT Fitness

The FEAT Fitness training program is an overall strength and conditioning program that can be tailored to any fitness level. Our training is perfect if you're looking to get started, looking to mix up your current training routine, or just curious what training with a group of fun and amazing locals is like.


Maroubra is such a beautiful location to be training outdoors. With the ability to run sessions on both the sand and grass, you'll never be bored with the variety of sessions FEAT provides. FEAT Maroubra services the surrounding Maroubra, Malabar, Eastgardens, Matraville, Hillsdale and Kingsford areas.

FEAT Fitness in Maroubra gets the community down to the park to train together in a fun environment with water side views.

FEAT Fitness meets in Arthur Byrne Reserve, near the Maroubra Skate Park.

Our Training Schedule

6:00 amEquipment + Run
7:00 amEquipment + Run
6:00 amStrength, Movement & Stability
7:00 amStrength, Movement & Stability
6:00 amEquipment or Run Club
7:00 amEquipment
6:00 amBoxing
7:00 amBoxing
6:00 amSand Session
7:00 amSand Session
7:00 amSaturday Session

Trainers At Maroubra

  • Gemma Taylor
    Gemma Taylor
    Gemma Taylor
  • Marley Araujo
    Marley Araujo
    Marley Araujo
  • Ronan Maguire
    Ronan Maguire
    Ronan Maguire


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