FEAT Fitness Background

Our Training Philosophy

FEAT Fitness started in 2018 when Barton and his co-founders wanted to expand their ability to bring human connection back into people's worlds. It was agreed the best way to do this was through fun community outdoor training. This is how FEAT Fitness was born.
We wanted to get people out of the sterile gym environment where the air is recycled & temperature controlled and it's encouraged to disconnect from others by putting those headphones on. FEAT is all about the outdoors, and those around you, we want to share the truly rewarding experience of being outdoors in the fresh air and being connected with those training with you.

The FEAT Philosophy

At FEAT Fitness we know the human body is made for movement and is capable of amazing physical feats. By demanding more from your body and pushing through pain barriers, you gain a sense of clarity and growth that no promise of comfort could ever deliver.

So when you come out the other side, when you succeed and make it through this temporary state of existence, you are a more complete version of yourself. By taking this on, you are also empowering others to understand that they too can challenge themselves and grow to new heights.

FEAT's Core Values

Our aim at FEAT is to create an environment for people to play and ultimately have more FUN. We believe that fun through play is your gateway to full self expression and a true, fulfilling way of being.

We believe that life is about climbing your mountain as you empower those around you to take the challenge and climb theirs. The best way to empower those in your life is to have the people around you EMPOWERING you.

Support through ACCOUNTABILITY is what defines us at FEAT. Staying in action is what makes the invisible joys in life visible. At the heart of ACCOUNTABILITY is our strength to be our word. As we make and keep commitments, we begin to establish an inner integrity that gives us the courage to accept responsibility for our own lives.

TRAINING is where the magic happens! Not only do you get a great workout, but at TRAINING you get to actualise humans two states of being – being together and being in nature. We connect to the community of people around us by pushing through together and tackling the challenges of the training session.

COMMUNITY is both the journey and the destination for us at FEAT. We get that environment is more important than will. By creating a space for people to come together each day is the road to success. Having like minded individuals lifting you up, will change the trajectory of your path so much faster than anything you can will yourself.

What Makes FEAT Different?

Following the FEAT Philosophy and Core Focus, FEAT is unique to other fitness solutions because we believe in and practice the following key areas.

  • We consistently support our members through accountability,
  • We embrace the outdoors,
  • We focus on authentic human connection, and most importantly
  • We guarantee that our FEAT Accountability Model will connect you to so much more

Our Trainers

  • Barton Tanner
    Barton Tanner
    Barton Tanner
  • Gemma Taylor
    Gemma Taylor
    Gemma Taylor
  • Eli Toffoli
    Eli Toffoli
    Eli Toffoli
  • Marley Araujo
    Marley Araujo
    Marley Araujo
  • Ronan Maguire
    Ronan Maguire
    Ronan Maguire
  • Bronwyn Thompson
    Bronwyn Thompson
    Bronwyn Thompson

Join the FEAT Team

Want to join a high class team of trainers that love to be outdoors and help people achieve their goals?

FEAT Fitness is an outdoor group fitness community and the team is currently expanding. At FEAT our Trainers specialise in delivering outdoor group training sessions whilst still delivering a personalised approach to training.

Founded four years ago, FEAT has touched hundreds of lives and helped people improve their overall health and fitness and been the connection point for many new friendships within local communities.

At FEAT Fitness, we offer outdoor group training in local parks around Sydney and we are fast expanding with the demand to be outdoors. To support the growth of FEAT, we are looking for passionate, committed trainers to join the FEAT Fitness trainer team.

We are currently hiring two different roles and expanding the FEAT team.

FEAT Trainer

Outdoor Group Trainer

Casual Employment

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