Updated: 22nd February 2021

We want children who participate in our program to have a safe and happy experience. We support and respect our children, their families and our workers.


The FEAT Fitness Child Safe Policy guides workers on how to behave when interacting and engaging with children in our organisation, FEAT Solutions Pty Ltd (trading as FEAT Fitness). The policy focuses on how we can build and maintain a child safe environment which is inclusive, transparent and promotes children’s participation.


FEAT Fitness supports the active participation of children in the programs and activities we offer.

We provide a range of ways to allow children to provide feedback or raise concerns. We listen to their views, respect what they say and involve them when we make decisions, especially about matters that will directly affect them. The main feedback loop with children occurs before, during and after the sessions. Children and their parent’s or carer’s are encouraged to provide feedback, raise concerns, ask questions or discuss any matter with a FEAT trainer directly. They are also able to contact the FEAT team at info@featfitness.com.au.


FEAT Fitness maintains a rigorous and consistent trainer recruitment, screening and selection process. FEAT Fitness is registered as a child-related employer on the Working with Children Check system, our registration number is REG0046349.

It is a requirement that any FEAT Trainer who may have any involvement with a child must have a valid Working With Children’s Check (WWCC), FEAT Fitness verifies the status and validity of all workers WWCC with the NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian verification system. It is also a requirement that all FEAT Fitness trainers have a current First Aid Certificate and appropriate insurance.

Prior to engaging in one of our child related training groups or programs, our FEAT Fitness trainers that will be working with children, will have previously been involved in training other non-child related FEAT Fitness programs and sessions. FEAT Fitness will only put trainers they are confident can continue to deliver the FEAT program to children in an inclusive and safe manner.

All FEAT Fitness trainers that will be working with children will also have completed the FEAT Internship program containing an internally developed working with children component.



Any parents, carers, legal guardians or children who have concerns or queries relating to the safety, welfare or wellbeing of children whilst under the care of FEAT Fitness can make a complaint or raise a concern by either:

  • Contacting info@featfitness.com.au; or

  • Contacting a FEAT Fitness Director directly

  • All complaints should be reported. This includes:

    • Allegations, disclosures or suspicion of abuse or harm to a child
    • Repeated unacceptable behaviour around children
    • Suspicion of grooming.


FEAT Fitness requires reporting of child protection issues. FEAT Fitness requires staff to report any concerns they may have about the safety, welfare or wellbeing of a child or young person to a FEAT Director.

If the allegation involves a Director, staff are required to report to one of the other Directors in the business.

Under the Care and Protection Act mandatory reporters are persons who:

a) In the course of their employment, deliver services including health care; welfare, education, children’s services and residential services, to children; or

b) Hold a management position in an organisation, the duties of which include direct responsibility for, or direct supervision of, the provision of services including health care, welfare, education, children’s services and residential services to children;

All employees, contractors or workers at FEAT Fitness are mandatory reporters.

This obligation is part of FEAT Fitness’s overall commitment to the safety, welfare and wellbeing of children.

All reports will result in the completion and documentation of our FEAT Fitness Child Safe Incident Report Form


At FEAT Fitness we promote respect, fairness and consideration for all workers. All our employees, contractors and other workers have a FEAT Director or more senior employee assigned to support and supervise their work.

Any new trainer that works with FEAT and will be working with children will receive a copy of the FEAT Fitness Child Safe Policy. Prior to taking their first class that will be working with children, a meeting will be set up to discuss the policies and allow the new trainer to ask questions and clarify their understanding.

Child safe is a consistently reviewed item in meetings and workers are encouraged to ask questions and contribute to the continuous improvement of child safe policies, procedures and practices in the workplace.


There are three key pieces of legislation of child protection legislation in New South Wales:

  • Child Protection (Working With Children) Act 2012
  • Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998
  • Ombudsman Act 1974

FEAT Fitness will adhere to all child protection legislation in New South Wales. Additionally FEAT Fitness and FEAT Fitness staff (including contractors) adhere to our internal policies:

  • Code of Conduct
  • FEAT Vision and Core Values


Our policy and any updates will be made available on the FEAT Fitness website.


The policy and guidelines will be reviewed every two years and incorporate comments and suggestions from a range of stakeholders (including workers, children and families).