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Maroubra being tough when it's tough in the sand

We are tough when it gets tough

I’ve said this before but; ‘tough is what we do’. Now I like to mix that up with the saying 'we are tough when it gets tough'.

Training outdoors, in the elements, being uncomfortable, adds an extra layer to your training that you cannot get in an indoor space. The comfort and convenience that is praised by modern society, simply does not exist when you’re at the mercy of the natural environment. I believe that this statement extends well past just the training environment but is true in life. I believe it is essential to extend these ideas into all aspects of your life. It is the challenge in life, that pursuit of meaning, rather than the meaning itself, that allows for self-fulfilment and worth.

I like to use the analogy of baking a cake from scratch as opposed to from a packet mix. When you start from the beginning, go through all the steps along the way and make your cake from scratch, the end product is almost irrelevant. As you go through all the easy and hard components of baking your cake, you connect completely to the process. It is this connection that makes the end result largely irrelevant in your mind. Sure you may be disappointed if it doesn’t end up exactly how you thought it would but you created it and you are proud of being involved with the process.

January 14th, 2021