Teens Program - FEAT Fitness

At FEAT we believe in servicing our community fully! This is what lead to the development and launch of our FEAT Teens Training Program. The aim of this program is to have some fun down at the park with the teens. It is a specifically designed program that works on strength, mobility and health education, relevant to teens today.

The focus in these sessions is simply to give teens in the local community a space to be guided through their training, supported in their individual training goals and provide a place to have some fun. At FEAT we believe Fun is the gateway to full self-expression, hence play is a big component of our training philosophy.

All teens between the ages of 12-16 years old (or in school from years 7-10) are welcome.

Let's get Started

Please have a parent or guardian complete the below form, and we'll give you a call to get started.
Our Teen prices are different to our advertised outdoor training prices.
We believe in making training for teens affordable so they could choose to train themselves.