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Training With FEAT Fitness

The FEAT Fitness training program is an overall strength and conditioning program that can be tailored to any fitness level. Our training is perfect if you're looking to get started, looking to mix up your current training routine, or just curious what training with a group of fun and amazing locals is like.

Cable Beach

With the dramatic backdrop of the world-famous Cable Beach, there is no better place to train than in Broome.

Training sessions happen both on the grass and down on the sand, meaning these are sessions that everyone can enjoy.

FEAT Cable Beach is set up to service the entire Shire of Broome as well as having drop-in options if you're just visiting & Fifo options if you're not here full time. FEAT meets on the grassy area just next to Zanders and will often head for a post-session coffee club at the General Store Cafe.

Our Training Schedule

5:30 amEquipment
5:30 amEquipment
5:30 amEquipment

Trainers At Cable Beach

  • Barton Tanner
    Barton Tanner
    Barton Tanner