COVID Update - Due to current restrictions, sessions are running virtually. Keep moving with FEAT From Home today.

COVID - Updates

Our communities health and safety is always our top priority, nothing changes with COVID in regards to this. As NSW is starting to implement the fedral government's three step plan to open the economy and allow us to be back in the park, we have got you covered. Below you can see our plan to get back outside and continue to train safely.
COVID - Updates


It's amazing to look back and see that it was nearly 2 months ago that we had to quickly react and get FEAT From Home training as restrictions would only let gatherings of 2 people back outdoors. (We won't lie, that one caught us by surprise).

As Sydney has scrambled to get vaccinated, we are super excited to start seeing the beginning of the easing of restrictions, and the pathway to what life with COVID looks like.

From Monday, 13 September:

We can't express how excited we are to be able to train back outside! This is what we do at FEAT and is our bread and butter, and you wouldn't have started training with us either if you weren't wanting to train outdoors too.

From our survey the other week, we were super excited to see the overwhelming number of people that are fully vaccinated and ready to train outdoors, and the number of you are that are nearly there also!

Our training body at FEAT is gearing up to go, but this doesn't come without challenges, currently, we have 3 trainers that live in LGAs of concern and they are unable to leave those areas to join us in the park, and a couple more that aren't quite fully vaccinated yet.

To work with the restrictions given us, we'll be releasing our timetables two weeks at a time so we can adapt and open them up as we have more trainers able to take sessions outdoors. At this stage, we will also be asking for you to only book one outdoor session, and the remainder of your sessions on FEAT From Home - but feel free to find 4 other friends to do a FEAT From Home session together in the park with an iPad! We'd love to see that!


Our sessions will be in small groups of 4, and you'll see we have 2 - 4 stations set up around the park that will be appropriately distanced so that there is no gathering of more than 5 at a time.

Each station will have everything you need for that session and your small group. When you first arrive at the park, you'll know which station number to go to, and a trainer will be with you for the first 15 minutes of your session to get you warmed up and started with the session. Once you're going, your trainer will go to the next group going but don't worry, the session will be provided so you don't need to remember anything, and you'll have your group to help each other out. And if you get really stuck, you'll be able to call out for assistance.

To facilitate this format, session times will be a bit different, they'll all be 45 minutes still, but start in 15-minute increments with the first session starting at 5:45 am (this may vary in different locations)


There are a few admin items we need your help with to ensure that we can comply with the restrictions and keep running smoothly back outside.

Remember to bring your phone & mask with you. At the moment it is a requirement when you're not exercising you need to be wearing a mask outdoors. So please mask up as you arrive/leave the session. You'll also need to sign in on the QR Code when you first arrive also.

Your trainer has missed seeing you so much, and there will be lots of opportunities to catch up in the coming weeks, but we do need to keep moving around to get everyone taken care of in a complying manner, we have tried to schedule most sessions so your trainer can see you at the end for quick goodbye while they sanitise the equipment and mats for the next group, but please don't hang around your station too long afterwards or walk up to your trainer if they are already in a group of 5. (But give a wave and shout out!)

Most importantly, have fun! We're sure you've all missed seeing each other, so enjoy the training, and enjoy just being able to be in a larger than group of 2!


Due to the staggered nature of the session times, it becomes a logistical nightmare to negotiate timeslots from Sunday Texts. To ensure people can confidently book in their sessions we'll be using an online booking tool, and to consolidate the number of places to manage this, we'll also get you to mark your FEAT From Home sessions too. The link will be sent to you as part of your Sunday text.

Week one will be a first in best dressed, however, to help stagger this, if you do have issues and miss out on your preferred timeslot on week 1, we can help prioritise you for week 2.

Our online bookings are only a temporary measure, once we are back of groups of 10 and don't have the staggered session starts, we'll likely go back to our usual human connection, we prefer talking to you!


This is our plan for the next two weeks, but, as we have learnt from COVID we need to be flexible and ready to adapt, so if any restrictions relax (or tighten) this may change.

When booking, please only book 1 outdoor session and your other sessions on FEAT From Home or DIY Run.

Outdoor sessions are only available if you are Fully Vaccinated, don't live in an LGA of concern, and your park is in the same LGA or within 5km from your home.

Week 1

COVID - Updates
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Week 2

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