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Winter FEAT 2021 Begins

There is so much in the Winter FEAT challenge that connects to the core of what we do at FEAT. The whole competition centres itself around connecting to people we train with, working together to keep each other engaged with what is happening in our training and connecting with the natural environment around us.

I truly believe it is within our nature as human beings to strive, reach, excel and achieve. We are all hardwired with the same desire to succeed and become successful in whatever area of life it is that we are passionate about. To do this, it is about racking up the little wins where we can find them and training is the perfect place to start - pushing yourself first thing in the morning, training your body and your mind.

I totally get that sometimes we can be scared to acknowledge that it is actually success we are looking for or maybe the simple word success is intimidating for one reason or another. But it is really important that your success and what you are working towards must never be reduced in your mind or in conversations with other people. In many ways what we are today is a more disguised version of what we were as children. When children can’t get what they want the first thing they will do is fight for a little while, they will then cry for a bit and finally convince themselves they never wanted it in the first place. As stated by Grant Cardone; “If you quit caring, then you quit winning; quit winning long enough, and you will just plain quit!”

A person’s capacity to achieve is a vital part of a person’s sense of self. It is the lessons learned along the way that allows us to develop and the following success that promotes confidence, imagination and a sense of security. Ultimately, this emphasises the significance of making a contribution to your community and the world. Without these prominent character traits, we feel less comfortable in ourselves and project these insecurities outwards to the world around us.

To be fulfilled in our success we have to serve or have a service that benefits someone else and be willing to continuously take that message to people. So it's not about who we find or what we tangibly gain; it is more what can we become in the process of finding others to join us. In other words, where it begins in achievement is always with you and I.

So, as we go through Winter FEAT look at how we can align ourselves, our behaviours, our attitudes and our thoughts consistent with the profile of what it takes to be a Winter FEAT Champion. We have looked at elements of this before and we will be revisiting some of the most important elements.

Recently, I watched the Michael Jordan series 'The Last Dance' From that I have clearly seen that every quality a champion possesses is acquired. There are no natural-born champions. Although, it is true we are all champions in our own rights. We all have the potential to be a champion in some things and those who become the champion in some things have these cluster traits very much in place in their personality structure.

Since they are all acquired; in this exploration of self, we'll see where we might be shy and where we might be strong. Then it is your choice to discover whether or not it is worth working on and see how our amazing FEAT community can trickle support, through these little wins, into all areas of your life.

Rushy Preparing for Winter FEAT 2021