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84 Sunrises, Together

At FEAT we embrace the outdoors. We thrive in an environment that challenges us to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. And best of all, we cheer each other on in the process. No matter the season we’re in!

There is so much in our lives designed to make everything easier and more comfortable. We have such amazing technology at our fingertips that we can literally click a button and a three-course meal will be driven to our door. We can sit on our couch and tell the computer to turn the lights on. We’re constantly conditioned to seek comfort. Which is great - who doesn’t love a faster/easier way to accomplish things in their busy schedules? But…by getting outside your comfort zone (literally), you can challenge your body and mind to reach new levels.

That’s what Winter FEAT is all about!

Training through winter and committing to getting to each session you said you would attend, builds a solid foundation for our physical and mental resolve which translates into the rest of our lives.

Some of you might be familiar with Winter FEAT and for others, it might be your first time participating.


Winter FEAT is a 12-week challenge where you and your training community get to amass points through your commitment and follow-through.

It is all centred around our core principles of COMMUNITY and FUN.

Throughout winter, we bring endless amounts of play down to the park to our training sessions. We get our bodies moving, we participate in challenges, and we support each other every step of the way.

Training through the cooler part of the year isn’t always easy. It’s darker when your alarm goes off, every part of your brain might tell you to stay inside, stay comfortable. When you commit to Winter FEAT you never take the easy option. And because it’s not easy, it’s truly fulfilling and fun, whilst the rewards for your physical, mental and spiritual health are bountiful.


Winter FEAT this year kicks off on 29 May and culminates with our Winter FEAT Dip session and Winter FEAsT on 21 August. There are other events throughout the 12 weeks that'll you'll receive in your Winter FEAT 2021 Calendar


You’ll be placed in teams based on your training location. Each week you’ll be able to amass points by doing simple things like answering the Sunday text on time, turning up to the sessions you said you would, wearing your team colour t-shirt to particular sessions.



There are two ways to win one of our two Major Prizes:

Be crowned the Winter FEAT winner; or

Win the lucky draw at the FEAsT, everyone in the winning team plus the top 2 performers from all teams will be in the running to win this prize.


It is $35 to enter and you’ll receive welcome pack with a team colour t-shirt and be put into teams based on your training location. Everyone will be entered automatically so if you’d like to opt-out, chat to your trainer.

Winter FEAT is our favourite time of year. It’s when our community shines brightest and we can’t wait to watch you all thrive and have a tonne of fun in the process.

Winter FEAT 2019