Training is Just a Version of Movement and Fun

At FEAT our mission is quite simple, to bringing authentic human communities into peoples worlds, through Fun Community Based Training. This morning was an amazing representation of what we have been working for over the last year. When I looked around the park, the commitment to this is totally alive and breathing in what we are doing! The effort that has been shown and your commitment to training is second to none. I am blessed to get to hang out and train with such a great group of people every morning who don't just speak, but honour their word and do what they say they will do!

On these big sessions, we believe it is so important to implement our FEAT Training philosophy; that training is really just a version of movement and fun. Part of being human is making up ways to tell ourselves that the world revolves around our lives. The most important thing happening in the world is really what is happening in our world. As you start to strip away your ideas of self-importance (which isn't a bad thing at all, actually is what creates our entire view of the world), you can start to ask "what have we evolved for?"

I am not going to go to existential (as it could take me days to write this wrap). But I am going to propose that movement is one of the rawest parts of our human evolution. These days Movement is dressed up in many different ways. We call it 'exercise', 'fitness', 'cardio', 'strength' and so on. Really all that is happening is we are 'moving'. When a dog runs after a ball, they don't think to themselves; "now I'm getting my interval training done". Yet, in our modern world, this is how we have compartmentalised this aspect of our life. If you can manage to take away the idea that training is a compartment of your life that you have to do, the same way you have to go to work. We start to avoid the struggle and effort part of training.

If struggle and effort are what you see for your training, struggle and effort is what you are going to get in your experience.

So if you can hold your training as a movement - an expression of one of the main things we have evolved to do - then, like a dog chasing a ball, what you will experience is FUN!

We were made to move, everything after that is interpretation. I honestly mean it when I say burpees are fun. This is not because I find them any easier or they don't challenge me. This is simply how I choose to hold them in my interpretation. If you are to look at a child jumping off the floor to reach as high as they can, you will notice one difference between you and them. They are smiling. They are genuinely enjoying the challenge of moving!

So, off the back of the incredibly fun Easter Boxing session we just had, let's keep that in our mindset. Let's try and experience training the way a child would. Take note of what comes up in your experience. I think we will start to see people jumping out of bed when their alarm goes off, not wanting to miss out on a minute of the play session that is happening in the park that morning!

Having fun with Games at Balmoral