Happy 3rd Birthday to the FEAT Community

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FEAT!!! It is insane the rollercoaster this has been, but I can't believe we are sitting here on our 3rd Birthday. Seriously, in 3 years so much has happened and that is such an under exaggeration. April 2018 the vision of bringing true authentic human communities back into peoples world was brought to life through Fun Community Based Training or FEAT. Like all visions, it has been an ever-evolving process and has changed many times in how it presents itself in the world. But one thing that hasn't changed is our commitment to being more than just a Bootcamp. We are so incredibly proud that FEAT stands for so much more than just hitting a training session and this is solely because of the incredible people that choose to be a part of this movement.

When I think back to 2018, the nerves of doing our first ever FEAT session still come back to me. Al, Rob & I thought we knew what we were about to embark on, but oh how wrong we were. Launching a business, opening 10 separate locations, having to close 4, bringing on incredible trainers, having some incredible trainers moving on, was just the beginning. We've had some seemingly hard times with the passing of a FEAT Member, a crazy hectic bushfire season, the loss of parents or people close to us, and .... COVID.

Yet, here we are, as one giant organism, interconnected in so many ways and individual in so many ways. Strong as a collective and strong as individuals. By making the simple decision of turning up to training and choosing to be a part of something more, we create a space for all. Where we can stand for something as simple as our wellbeing, a seemingly impactless choice, that really is the action of choosing to live our best life.

The formula of humanity has a ripple effect (Tikkun as you may have heard me say); your improved ability to be honest with yourself will increase how honest you are with others, and your honesty with others will influence them to be more honest with themselves, which will help them to grow and mature. Therefore, your cleaning up your relationship with yourself has the positive by-product of cleaning up your relationships with others, which then enables them to clean up their relationships with themselves and so on.

This is how you change the world - this is how we at FEAT are going after changing the world - not through some all-encompassing ideology or mass religious conversion or misplaced dreams of the future or paralysing fear of death. But by achieving the maturation and dignity of each individual in the present, in the here and now (as my meditation teachers would say). By always looking to be of service, to be more for others and more present, every single day!

Cheers to many more opportunities to celebrate us, that is, everyone that has been touched by this vision. Collectively we are all FEAT.

Balmoral Session This Week