Rise to the Occasion or Fall to the Level of Training

At FEAT we do not really do those "fad challenges", but we certainly do set challenges for ourselves through the training program. These challenges are so important and can really uncover some amazing insights into the entirety of our lives. The amazing thing is, it only has to be challenging for you.

When preparing to tackle a goal it can uncover some really important lessons for us as individuals. The way that you think, the way that you structure time, the way that you crave feedback, the way that you work with feedback when it's not easy to hear, the way that you're attuned to yourself and others, the relentless approach to sharpening your saw. All of these traits are translatable. They allow you to surpass the limitations of what you do and transpose these skills into everything you do. That is why I like to say, what gets in the way of your training is going to be the same thing that gets in the way of the rest of your life. So our job from here is really clear; Figure out what the thing is.

You see, it's easy to have fun when everything is going according to plan. Often, when you're looking at successful people it can be hard not to compare and is easy to think that they have everything you want. Although we may think they have everything or they make everything look easy, really your just catching them at a period of time.

Studying people who have achieved in areas that you want to achieve is so important. It is one of the best ways to maximise your progression, by turning decades into days. Yet, it is not that they actually have what everyone wants. What these people actually have, and what you really want to study, is the knowing of what it takes to get there, to do what you need to do to get where you want to go. This is a really subtle but important learning.

One of the lessons I have been observing at the moment is how life is the championship game. The way you hold every moment is the most important part. Getting that every day is a championship opportunity. It is not about waiting for that big day, the big pitch, the big event or outcome. Creating a life that works for you is about the small moments. About treating every moment as another opportunity to play the game, life. If you take this tact, you start to get the significance of your little wins, about taking the opportunity to appreciate the little moments and making the 1%'ers count.

The only way to live like this is to know yourself.

As the saying goes 'Rise to the occasion or fall to the level of training'. Although we would all like to say rise to the occasion, if we don't have the skills to step up then we can't just make them up on the fly. We fall to our level of best conditioning. Regardless of how you define 'success' or 'achievement'. Every day you have challenges thrown your way. My challenge for you as we are mid-way through the FEAT Fit Challenge is to treat every one of them as a championship bout. What do you have to do to take the next step or push that little bit closer. As you start to hold everything in this light, your world opens up in new and magical ways!

The Balmoral Crew with an amazing Sunrise