The FEAT Fit Challenge is here!

This week has been such a good reminder that there is something so powerful about working with nature and not against nature. Each season has a spirit or character and it provides us with different advantages/challenges that we should be aware of and work with. You see for the vast majority of human history our lives weren't divided into 24-hour chunks and our days weren't scheduled to the number on our watch or on our phone. If we wanted to know when to work, when to sleep or when to eat, we consulted the sky, the weather or our bodies.

Being in the outdoor training space, I get to see how a lot of people go about dealing with the change of seasons. All though I definitely notice that everyone deals with it slightly differently, the one thing I can say for sure is it has an impact on everyone. The amazing thing about seasons (unlike months) is that it doesn't happen on an exact date, each year it is slightly different. An example of this is the way you may be feeling with the slightly darker mornings at the moment or how this summer has been very different from last summer.

So getting the importance of adding a seasonal focus in our week is not only going to increase productivity, but it is also going to give you clarity and address why your functioning slightly differently and how you may need to refocus on areas as we change the season we're in. Ultimately, this variety is what fuels our mind.

This is where the FEAT Fit Challenge comes in. It's our opportunity to refocus, to acknowledge that we are now at a different point in the year and with this in mind, we will need to create appropriate targets in relation to the natural world around us. Furthermore, the seasonal nature of what we do in the park means, training goals and targets are easily forgotten as the environment changes around us. By taking a focused month to recommit as we start to come into Autumn, it sets us up for success as we acknowledge the connection we have with nature, removes obstacles that may be creeping in the way and connect to ourselves as we plan for what we want out our health and fitness.

FEAT Fit Challenge Fitness Test in progress