Monday Matters

This week I had a conversation with someone about how important Monday is in your training week. In this conversation, I was reminded of why I will often tell people that Monday is always the best day to train. There is simple logic to this which you may have heard me say before - "Monday Matters". You are always better off getting to Monday's session before work/life gets in the way during the week and it leaves you 4 days to get in two more sessions giving you your 3 for the week. However, if you try and start your week on a Tuesday and something happens then suddenly you have reached Wednesday and you haven't trained since Friday of the previous week - 4 days without any training - suddenly it's a mad rush to get your 3 sessions in.

Before we keep going, I want to do a reminder. OBVIOUSLY, this is not a one size fits all sort of thing. If Monday is not a day you can train and your first day in the training week is Tuesday or Wednesday, that doesn't mean it's bad. I am just talking in general at the moment. The last reminder is, the day doesn't have any power in and of itself. It is obviously the consistency of your training that matters more than which is your first training day of a week.

Generally, you never really want to give your body any more than two days off in a row so an "ideal" week would be to train on Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri with Sat as an extra option and Sun off or Mon, Wed, Thurs and Fri with Sat as an extra option and Sun off - if you train 3 days a week then Mon, Wed and Fri are good or Mon, Thurs and Fri... There are so many ways to play with your training week but it's so important to remember our training weeks are designed for you to be able to hit the sessions.

Overall consistency is the key. If you follow these plans I guarantee you will notice the difference.

So in summary - GET TO MONDAYS SESSION and NEVER TAKE MORE THAN TWO DAYS OFF IN A ROW - try this for a few weeks and let's see how you feel / where you're at.

Monday Matters - Training at Waverton