Feb Focus for your training goals

Wowser..! What a start to the year we have had! 4 weeks already done and dusted, as we look to next week, our final week in our training build - Movement & Mobility.

With all the major public holidays down and the year back into full swing, it is time to set our focuses back to what we want to achieve in 2021. For us at FEAT, this tends to be around Health and Wellness. So by setting a 'Feb Focus' it is a great way to re-centre yourself and start smashing out your training goals for the year.

At FEAT this always begins with our Sunday text. In this text, you are also telling your trainer 2 things; what days you want to train and how many sessions you are looking to hit. From there we track your attendance as per usual and really push to make sure we are hitting the number of sessions you said on Sunday. So think about your responses on a Sunday and let's smash these sessions out!

There is a powerful statement that I really like, which goes; "discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most". We all want something out of our training, that is why you turn up. Through your training this February I want you to stay really present to what it is you want from your training. Why do you turn up and what are you trying to get from turning up. As you are thinking about these ideas, remember these words and remember that you are choosing to take actions now that will put you in a place you want to be in the future.

The crew getting excited about Feb Focus