Triple J Hottest 100 Session

At FEAT we always find this time of year quite challenging. We are proud Australian's and love to celebrate the achievements of this amazing country and opportunities available to us here. The 26th January 1938 marked the 150th Anniversary of the First Fleet Landing and the first 'Australia Day'. For some Australians, this was a day to celebrate and represented how far Australia had progressed in 150 years. Yet, for other Australians, our first people and original custodians of the land, this was referred to as a 'Day of Mourning'. For them, this day represents the loss of land and degradation of their culture. The date itself was chosen during a period of time where Aboriginal children were being pulled away from their families in the attempt to genetically dilute their civilisation (stolen generation) and Indigenous Australian's were legally considered to be nothing more than Flora and Fauna. Hence, these polarised views of what this day represents has led to a massive internal conflict for us as a business.

So, as is FEAT tradition our Tuesday morning session we will be celebrating a public holiday and the worlds biggest Music Democracy. This is the only session in the year where we will have music playing whilst we train, running through some of the best of Triple J Hottest 100 (training hits) over the years. Most importantly, we will be celebrating our FEAT community coming together and having a more relaxed morning without having to rush off to work after. In that light, join us for coffee and breakfast after the session if anyone is free. It's a great opportunity for you to chat with people without the huffing and puffing or having to hold a plank!

The AIATSIS map of Indigenous Australia