FEAT isn't afraid to be vulnerable

One of the amazing things about our end of year parties is that we love to go all out both in new activities and getting into themes. In this you truly have to let go, so you can fully experience the fun of what we are having!! This is such an interesting thing, cause it is this acceptance of what is there for you that allows you to let go and show up fully.

But to let go of what?

To be fully present in any given moment there are 2 main things that you have to let go of:

  1. Expectations of who you think other people think you should be (yep you may need to re-read that line).
  2. Your fear of vulnerability.

Human beings are literally meaning-making machines. We walk around life attaching meaning to literally everything! The best example of this from what we are doing over the weekend is wearing clothes that are outside of the social norm. The simple idea that there is a socially accepted norm for what clothes we wear is an attachment of meaning. But we will often avoid wearing something that makes us stick out because we are too busy attaching meaning to other people's judgments of ourselves. Sometimes we fear these judgments and expectations so much that we end up not letting ourselves experience fully what is there in front of us, and if Saturday is anything to go by, you want to experience that level of fun when it comes around!

Once we let go of these expectations that we have created meaning for in our own head. The next thing is that we need to be willing to experience vulnerability. The need for Certainty is one of the biggest limitations of our emotional connections. Unfortunately, our monkey brain is not actually very good at opening up when there is uncertainty on what meaning we may put on other peoples judgments. What does it mean if the person I have never met thinks I look funny?

Ultimately, we will simply avoid this feeling altogether and in turn, not allow ourselves to feel vulnerable and preventing us from truly connecting to or experiencing a life event. To borrow the words from Brene Brown, "Vulnerability is the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, courage, and creativity." Essentially, all the areas of life that provide us with a deeper and more meaningful experience.

What I took from the experience on Saturday is that FEAT has become a safe space where people are not afraid to be vulnerable. To take a risk, put out a goal, live into who they actually want to be in the world. This is something that we could not be more proud of and bringing this space to peoples lives is one of the biggest missions for the FEAT team. Thank you for being such a great group of people and providing a safe space for everyone to take a risk!

"I know this is hard to believe, especially when we’ve spent our lives thinking that vulnerability and weakness are synonymous, but it’s true. I define vulnerability as uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure."

The FEAT Trainers at the Xmas Party