Connection is the tool we use

There has never been a more connected society in human history. The world is getting smaller and smaller with the interweb giving access to connection points such as Facebook, phones making us contactable 24/7 and being able to fly pretty much anywhere in less than 24 hours. But in a way, this extreme connection has actually left people feeling more disconnected than ever before. People have several hundred friends on Facebook and followers on Instagram, yet research is continually showing that the feeling of loneliness is being identified with more and more often. People are disengaged with their lives and this can be seen with job satisfaction steadily decreasing each year, lifestyle-based health conditions on the rise and people not being present too or conscious of the condition of our planet.

The whole mission of what we do at FEAT is to use connection as the tool to regain power over all domains in our life. This connection starts and finishes with your training but there is so much in the middle. As you start on the journey to finding connection the first thing you do is walk out your door, and down the street into the beautiful parks in which we train. From this point, the connection has begun. As you walk into the park and start to become present to the happenings of the natural world around you, you are building the connection to nature that we crave so deeply. As we get back into the park and become more present to nature, we inevitably become more conscious of ourselves. By starting your day out in nature, you're beginning with a consciousness of the world around you.

The second level of connection is that you are connecting with others. When you're starting the day with training, the first thing you're doing in your day is being around other people who care about their overall wellbeing, that is why they are there. But these people also understand, directly or indirectly, that wellbeing is about being with others as much as it is about nutrition or movement. So on a challenging weather day, we get to connect to both of these; the people battling the elements and being in the elements themselves. We connect with being in nature and all it's glory as well as being with the people around you... Perfect start to the day.

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