Training is where the magic happens

At FEAT we believe that training is where the magic happens! Without amazing TRAINING sessions, our community does not exist. It is something that we as trainers love to geek out on together so that when you turn up and have questions about the programming, we are able to provide actual answers. On this, we do a continual development on and we also dive into dense content in the HQ Update (the Friday wrap for our community of trainers).

Unfortunately, much of what passes for fitness knowledge these days is actually marketing or confined to the controlled conditions of a lab with no regard for biochemical or temperamental individuality. The Insta-age has become obsessed with doing the most intense things, running regular crazy events, or seeing sport-specific events like world record attempts (I'm thinking events like the sub 2hr marathon or Free Solo).

But some of the questions we've been asking are, is this really what training is, or is this just the sexy stuff that sells on Youtube, Instagram, ESPN, and all the other channels? Why do we have this thing called 'training'? What is it that you are actually training for at FEAT?

There is no question in my mind that greater fitness leads to more opportunity (this holds true for knowledge as well). At FEAT we look at wellness as a mindful pursuit, and at its most simple level is the sum of your daily choices and daily practices. Progress is entirely personal and the spirit of your wellness or training does not lie in an outcome, rather is a manifestation of the current, temporary, state of your whole self - fall in love with the process.

So we believe that training is the most important vehicle for preparation for life; it prepares both your body and your mind.

It's really important that we as trainers are teaching people how to train. The science is very clear that training is a stress on the body (positive stress, but stress nonetheless). Really to get optimal results from your training, we want to do the majority of this training at a sub-maximal (sub-max) level. Basically, we don't want to overstress the body, too much of a positive thing can too turn negative. Not only does training sub-max allow us to prepare our body for longevity, but it also ensures the improvement of technique, movement patterns, helps with strength and endurance gains.

It's important for you to understand some of these elements of our training program, as it will empower you to know what you're looking to take away from a session and let us know if you're getting it or not. Athletes (you) and coaches (me) often lose sight of the distinction between supportive basic training and event-specific training. For us at FEAT supportive basic training would refer to a sub-max training style that means a client can increase session attendance and consistently maintain training load without trading off longevity or getting injured. Event-specific training is either your 'A-session' in the week (the toughest session that they're going all out at) or an external event that they are participating in (not so many of these this year).

As we are going through sessions, it's important to be aware of the trainers talking about intensity. This is to guide the intention behind a set or what you want to be feeling at different points in a session. The training programming should give you the opportunity to push hard in a session if that's what you're going for, but remembering that the majority of your sessions and time will be better spend doing supportive basic training or working at a sub-max level.

This is can all seem a bit dense and is an example of the types of content we are dealing with at our trainer development days. But is a great thing for you to be aware of in your own training and can empower you to get the most out of ALL your training. No-one knows your body better than you, so whatever you are feeling is 100% correct. Now, this knowledge can help guide you on what we are trying to do during a session and when!

Training on the Sand in Maroubra