Your footprint is what our Mother is missing

Back in January, at the peak of our worst fire season ever, I felt so powerless. I got the idea in my head that the world was ending, that it was all our fault and it was hopeless. It is amazing how far our minds can spiral. But I knew I needed to get a sense of control back. So I started to google... Although I have been composting for a long time and always enjoyed doing little bits in the garden, I decided this is one area I can learn a lot more about and start to increase my positive impact on the world.

So, obviously, I did what I always do - tried to learn everything I could. I registered for a course in Regenerative Gardening and read a lot about Regenerative Agriculture. The Regenerative movement is one that I really love the philosophy of. Regeneration is not simply a gardening practice, rather a life practice accessed through your connection to gardening and land. To summarise this idea, basically, the way we treat our world is the way we treat ourselves. In learning to heal the garden in our outer world, there are lessons in healing the garden of our inner world.

Farmer Rishi - who took the course I did - wrote a poem that I wanted to share. I hope you take something from it as I did:

Reduce Your Footprint. Consume less. Eat less.
Shower less. Poop less. You're breathing out Carbon Dioxide.
It is poison. The EPA said so. Breathe less.

Zero. Carbon Zero. Net Zero. Zero Waste.
Zero Emissions (btw, please tell the cows to stop farting too).
Carbon Neutral. Zero Impact.

Don't you get it? You have no role here.
The best you can be is nothing. Goal Zero.
Become Zero.

It's called conservation.

Sisters & Brothers. FUCK THIS NOISE.

Sisters & Brothers. Where did that rope come from? Who put it up?

Sisters & Brothers. You are not lost. You were never lost.
You were never disconnected. You are not disconnected.
How could you be?

Do you not wake up every morning to take in the exhales of our green siblings?
Do they not rely on you to breathe as well?
Do you not drink from the oceans?
the rivers?
the rain?

No. You were never disconnected. You can never be.
You are this Earth in form, in motion.

What you may be,
is a little forgetful.

Yes. You might have a bit of amnesia.
Forgotten that when you reach your hands into Earth,
she speaks to you.

She tells you of your role, your purpose.
She tells you that you are here as a listener, as a caretaker,
a magical weaver who ties and strengthens the bonds of all her spirit forms.

We all forget from time to time, and that's okay.
That is why we are here together.
So that from time to time, in our forgetfulness,
we may be reminded by those who remember.

It is now time to remember.

Let us now compost the pale ideas that have suppressed
our memory for many a generation,
and form them into the color that is missing from our soils,
our stories,
our culture.Sisters & Brothers. Increase Your Footprint.

Bring to this Earth what she has been sorely missing:

This world is neither black, nor white nor shades of grey.
This world is color. Bring the color forth.

Plant the seeds of color in all the lands.

Let your every footprint leave the softened, rich, colorful soil in which these seeds will grow.
Let your care reach through your heart and into your hands, into your lips.

With your fingers press the seeds to this Earth that will grow to shelter us.
With your lips give gratitude to all who will nourish these seeds.

You are with a role here.
Your footprint is what our Mother is missing.

The Maroubra Run Crew on the Trails