All the power you have in this world is in your word

Last week we looked at why Monday is such an important day in your training week. So this week I wanted to touch on something that every one of you prescribes to when you agree to train at FEAT; The Sunday text. I'm not sure how often you think about the Sunday text, but really this is the basis of our whole relationship. It is more than just collecting session targets for the week or knowing your training days. The Sunday text is where you transform your fitness goals from the chatters of your mind, into a tangible reality. Simply by speaking (or texting) your training days, your word has brought into the world the possibility of you achieving your training goals.

All the power you have in this world is in your word. Our minds are incredibly powerful too. It is amazing to see how many people are still not aware of the interwoven relationship between the nature of their thoughts and the conditions that are presented in their world. The only difference between these two powers; is our mind has NO power without the direction given by your word. You see, before an idea is spoken, it only exists in your mind. We know that what is happening in your mind is NOT happening in reality. The only way to bring it into reality is by speaking your word, and doing what it is you said you were going to do.

This is a really important distinction as at FEAT we only relate to you as your absolute word. Our whole accountability model and structure is based on the fact that I trust you to be a person who values the power of your word. But your word is nothing on its own without a commitment. I have said it before, but my favourite definition of commitment is - "doing the thing you said you were going to do, long after the mood you said it in has left you." It is the commitment that transforms a promise, to yourself or others, into a reality. It is about keeping integrity with what you said you were going to accomplish.

All the reasons as to why you start training will eventually fall away or evolve into something new, at some point. We have all been there, where we really, desperately wanted to achieve a fitness goal, but only a couple of weeks after setting the goal, you start to question the importance of why you're trying to achieve that thing. That is ok, in fact, it is very normal and is consistent with our nature as human beings. Humans, like all other mammals, are all about instant gratification. Unlike all other mammals, we are so committed to instant gratification, that we will do things that negatively impact us, just to satisfy this craving. As I found out this week, we are the only mammals that willingly prolong sleep. But it is our commitment to our word that allows us to own and create what happens in the future.

So every Sunday when you reply to your Sunday text you're effectively telling me two things:

  1. What days of the week you are looking to train;
  2. How many training sessions you are going to achieve that week.

This is where accountability comes in. You have told me what days you are there, easily monitored. I know when you're at training, and most importantly, I know when you're not at training. Things do come up and prevent us from hitting our training days. But my commitment is to your training. Hence, when you miss a session, I am always asking to see if you can make it up.

So for this week, we have a task. Ideally, everyone will hit their training days, but this is challenging. But this week we are looking to hit the number of sessions you have said you were going to hit. This will hopefully be down at the park, but if that is not possible then it will be on you outside of training to get out and do something extra (a walk or run etc)!

Maroubra our Running this week