End of Winter FEAT 2020

Here we stand, at the final weekend of Winter FEAT Challenge. 12 weeks of turning up in the cold/dark, smashing out your sessions, coordinating your team at team colour sessions or the FEAT Obstacle Course. It has all lead us to this final point, where we are looking down the barrel of only ONE more session in the 2020 Winter competition.

Tomorrow is the FEAT Dip and is your last chance to get down there, earn those final points for your team and for yourself. This being the case, here's a reminder that tomorrows session is what decided the competition last year! With the competition so close both in the teams and for the individuals, it is vital that you get as many team members down to training!

Additionally, we are going to give an extra point for wearing your Winter FEAT Training Shirt. If you need some more incentive - here is a reminder of what you are playing for:

  1. Winning Winter FEAT team goes into the draw to win 6 MONTHS FREE TRAINING!!
  2. The individual winner gets crowned 2020 - Annual Winter FEAT Winner, holding bragging rights for an entire year, joining an elite few - Laura Macintosh & Fab Silvia as Winter Winners - as well as receiving 6 MONTHS FREE TRAINING!!
  3. Additional Awards include - Most sessions Attended, Funniest Winter Moment and MVP
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