Profile of a Champion - Self Image

As we get deeper into our Winter FEAT Challenge, we are now getting into some of the juicy components of the Profile of a Champion. After looking at desire last week, the next thing we see in the profile is Self Image. Self-image is an area where people absolutely destroy themselves and it always pains me to see. I believe your self-image is formed in your childhood years, meaning in this time you come to believe some things about yourself and more importantly, you come to believe these as being true; and herein lies the problem.

I want to make a statement to you and I truly believe this. You are a whole, complete person, exactly as you are and NOBODY had the right to tell you that you couldn’t do it. But many people in our experiences have told us that, haven't they? If they only knew what they did, because all of my behaviours, everything that I hope for in life, is going to be consistent with my self-image; i.e my thoughts of myself. I have created a prison or a paradise to play in when I created my self-image. Notice that I said ‘I’ created my self-image. I’m taking responsibility for it. So in order for that to show up for you, something needs to take place and the first step is to forgive all those people in your world who told you that you were limited in any way. They had no authority or any right to do so.

In education, we know that if we took a sampling of students and told one group that we expected incredible achievement out of them, that they are capable and marvellous; that group of students would perform that way. Then with a group of students who have the same basic IQ, and we say to them we are concerned with your learning ability, there are some indications that you’re not going to cut it, and this group would deliver exactly what we suggested to them. Now take that idea on a larger scale and we have you. All of your self-chatter and all of your beliefs about yourself are always the net results of your experiences with significant others in your life. With the addition of one thing, you believe them to be true. So if you can forgive them all you might get the slate clean.

The self-image task then for this week is to go to work at identifying areas in your life that you were told you were limited. Sit with that feeling and go to work at truly forgiving the person who told you this and let go of the feeling of limitation!

Waverton at their moving circuit