Profile of a Champion - Desire

As we are going through the Winter training journey at FEAT, in the wraps we are getting to dissect what is needed in the Profile of a Champion and how this can be projected into the rest of your life.

The first quality and first attitude that shows up before anything is achieved is desire. Now I want to talk to you about desire because if all it took was a desire there would be a whole lot more people finding success in their health and wellbeing. Most people live under the illusion that they want to achieve something or get something, yet how do we dissect desire to see how desire is held by the champion as opposed to the runner-up.

The desire for a Champion is simply an imperative of purpose. In other words, I absolutely have a purpose that I desire and I am absolutely on fire with achieving my purpose. If you are only inspired to meet your needs you’ll never get the kind of desire that will compel you to do great things. Very simply needs are logical and logical things don’t compel us to extend beyond our comfortable grasps.

This desire is like taking a stand, making the declaration that this is it. The power that goes with that is unbelievable. Anything less than that is what I call tentative. Any time you are tentative you have no power. When you have made your stand there are very little external factors that can get in the way of your training success (especially the weather)!

So if I’m going to use my desire to work for me it must be white hot. Then the key to keeping your desire in place is to surrender to your purpose. Watch what happens psychologically when I surrender to purpose. I am no longer engaged in the same way with the obstacles that I usually confront in any great achievement. Any great journey has lots of obstacles.

But I have just conditioned my mind and used it for me, rather than against me. So I now have alignment. When I surrender I am now willing to include everything that comes my way. To hear it another way; the reason that success in training and in life alludes so many people is that the road to our altar of riches is laden with obstacles. Most people have no invincible means of support. If it isn't clearly evident to them with what’s happening then they have no vision. Solomon said around 3000 years ago if the people lack vision they perish. So the way you have a vision is to surrender to a purpose because the purpose is larger than you or I individually.

When our vision is connected to the training community around us and turning up for your Winter FEAT Team, we are being bigger than just ourselves. In doing so the rewards are returned in a surplus and as you succeed, your community (& team) succeed!

The Green Team at Rushy