Champion Mindset

Over the next few weeks, we will be using the wrap to look at the idea of a champion mindset. Exploring the attributes and profile a Champion's outlook and how it can be applied to what we do down at the park. In the coming wraps we are going to be looking at what gets in the way for people with their training and ultimately extending into their lives. Yep, I’m making the big claim, that the barriers that come up for you in your training are going to be consistent with the barriers in your life. So if we can create a discipline and by practising tackling these barriers in your commitment to training. The results will extend well past that 1 hour in the morning and help you deal with these barriers, consciously or subconsciously, in the rest of your life.

One of the common misconceptions is that humans are purely rational animals. Although we have had the ability to coin the term rationality, in reality, humans run largely off emotions. It is our emotions that dictate our decisions and move us towards action. To quote utilitarian theory, our determining of rightness or wrongness is all about pain and pleasure. Ultimately, our preferences are to avoid pain and maximise pleasure. So in our hunt for understanding the profile of a champion, we are going to be starting by trying to understand the root cause of emotions, their meanings and the corresponding behaviours stemming from them.

In these wraps, we’ll be looking into what mindset a champion needs to have and how they differ from those who end up hibernating/not training through the winter period. If you and I are going to achieve anything the first thing we need to understand is that we have to be totally responsible for any results in our lives. As we walk down this path, it will become apparent that having success in any endeavour will fall apart if we don’t have these things in order. It is never natural talent alone that will get you there, you have to rework how you hold life and go about implementing these skills to see the results that you want.

We will be using sessions to demonstrate experientially, not in the chattering of your mind, that success comes from developing the muscle of integrity. We are moving away from listening to our 'minds' because your mind and my mind are continually chattering to keep an agreement with what we hold presently as true. It has a great deal of difficulty in opening up for new possibilities.

What we are going to demonstrate and explore is how we can use our training sessions to highlight what it is that will get in the way and stop you from being successful, regardless what you have achieved in life, these things are present for you. We are going to push outside our comfort zones and not going to be authorities any longer. We are going to be people encouraging people to a standard of excellence that they may not have even known was possible for them. We are going to be compelling people in our Winter FEAT Teams or those who train beside us to take a look at their lifestyle, suggesting that they open their minds to new things. In that, we will be supporting those around us to excel and achieve in their training and ultimately have the tools to overcome barriers in other areas of their lives!

But the key point to remember is; whilst we're out there aspiring for more in our training and empowering those around us to do the same, the most important element is FUN!!!

Winter FEAT Opening Event - North and South and Janet 1500 Sessions