Winter is where the magic happens

In the words of House Stark from GOT - winter is coming! For some people, winter becomes a period of ‘hibernation’. Much like grizzly bears, people prepare themselves for this hibernation by eating out more often, more take away meals (especially at the moment), plenty of comfort food and most notably, less movement or training for a 3 month period.

Not for us at FEAT!

At FEAT we look at this Winter period as the building phase for you as a person as well as for us as a training community. This is where we connect with each other to all move towards building a proud training community! Before I started taking outdoor training I believed that there were so many limitations to training outside. No heavyweights, no cardio machines, differing training conditions, unstable footing, winter...

Yet, it wasn't until I started working as an outdoor trainer and really started to meet my awesome team, that I realised these were (like all limitations) perceived limitations. In fact, I am so excited at what is looking like our first Winter FEAT From Home and outdoors when possible. I believe that training together through this Winter FEAT period gives us the opportunity to grow physically, philosophically and spiritually!

The world as it stands today is in desperate need of connection and support. This is what our entire Winter FEAT Challenge is centred around; connecting to the people that you train with and supporting them for no other reason than you care. Taking a stand for someone to become the person they were destined to be is no easy feat and the only way to authentically make this stand is by you to stepping up. This amazing synergy is what makes the Winter FEAT Challenge so unique.

The whole Winter FEAT experience is going to be different this year. But like with everything in FEAT, our strong philosophical vision is what guides us. Meaning external circumstances can change, but we can keep living our philosophy.

These 12 weeks to come are amazing and they are amazing because they are not easy. Every morning when the alarm goes off and it is dark, the easy option is to stay in bed, to stay comfortable. Yet, when you commit to our Winter FEAT you never take the easy way - you know that it is actually the path less travelled that gets you to where you truly want to be. Listen to anyone who has achieved anything in their life. These achievements have NEVER come from the space of comfort. They are always pushing, striving and challenging. It is the challenge that forces us to grow and connect. That is why you never regret getting up and going to training, you always feel better for it.

So, over the next 12 weeks, get involved with your Winter FEAT Challenge. During this period you will be striving for your personal success, the success of your team and your success as a community!

To finish, I have to quote the author Jack Kerouac when I say:

"Because in the end, you won't remember the time spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that god damn mountain."
Winter FEAT 2019