O brave new world that has such people in it

O wonder! How many goodly creatures are there here! How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world that has such people in it!

What crazy times we are living through and all I can think of is the Shakespeare quote from the Tempest, which I became aware of from the Aldus Huxly book, Brave New World. Last Friday, after taking the morning sand session in Maroubra which is one of the most beautiful sessions in our training week, I jumped in the car and headed off to a weekend meditation retreat. This is something my wife and I do at least once per year. To disconnect for 3 days, slow the pace of life, see the stars, do around 20 meditations over the weekend, eat amazing food, connect with amazing people and nourish the body by paying back any sleep debt that I may have accrued over 6 months. At the end of this weekend, the world always seems to be moving so much faster than I remember it was when I left (or I am moving slower). But this time it actually seemed like we were walking back into a completely different world to the one we had left.

I want to pretence everything that comes next here by saying I do not downplay the severity of COVID-19 nor the potential health risks for our community in the face of these challenges.

BUT... I do want to say that as humans we really only have 2 emotional states, Love or Fear. All our emotional ways of being either fall into a Love state (open, happy, playful, kind, empathetic, considerate, understanding...) or a Fear state (closed, scared, cruel, selfish, irrational, erratic, unsafe). As soon as I turned my phone back on, on Sunday, it felt as though the whole collective consciousness had changed. That the world (or at least the world I was engaging with) was operating purely from a Fear space.

Now don't get me wrong, fear is an incredibly important human emotion. If you're lying on some train tracks and see a train coming, you want fear to help motivate you to move off the tracks as quickly as possible. But the collective narrative at the moment is solely functioning in a fear space.

No beauty can exist in this fear mindset. As much as we need to take precautions to prevent the spread of this virus, especially over to the vulnerable populations, we also need to remember to be open for each other. To not spiral on anxiety-inducing messages and paralysing fear that is crippling people's mental states and consuming our minds. A focus on people's mental health becomes such an important thing, especially when society is currently living life from this fear mindset as well as being socially isolated and physically distanced.

I just want to say that the FEAT community is here for all of you. If you need to talk, vent, cry... If you are feeling lonely, anxious or out of control, please reach out.

As a FEAT Community, we understand that the environment you engage with is more important than anything you can will yourself. Connection to community and nature is where our spiritual growth happens, it is where we start to recognise and understand the purpose and beauty of being human. Over the next couple of months, as we ride the wave of COVID-19, we want to focus on looking out for each other, checking in with each other and supporting each other. This is where the strength of Community is most important and our mission is to strengthen these bonds, to provide a safe space for people and to continue to grow as humans, regardless of external circumstances.

Sending unconditional love and many reminders that together we are strong.

Socially Distanced Running Group