Welcome 2020!!! And what a great week it has been to welcome in the new year. It has been amazing to see everyone getting straight back into it. I truely believe we have just completed the most important week of the year - week 1. It is like the Law of Inertia in physics. A body at rest will stay at rest and a body in motion will stay in motions. This first training week has been all about taking our bodies in rest after the holidays and transforming them into bodies in motion!

I thought a great way to start our year would be to take a look at our FEAT Philosophy! I am a true believer that every person (and business) has a philosophy, which is how you choose to walk through the world. It is more a question of if you have done the internal work to express that life philosophy. For us at FEAT our philosophy is clear and seen below.

Our aim at FEAT is to create an environment for people to play and ultimately have more FUN. We believe that fun through play is your gateway to full self-expression and a true, fulfilling way of being.

We believe that life is about climbing your mountain as you empower those around you to take the challenge and climb theirs. The best way to empower those in your life is to have the people around you EMPOWERING you.

ASPIRATION, followed by action, is what makes the invisible joys in life visible. By aspiring to go beyond our perceived limitations, there is an unconscious and automatic growth that you have as a person.

TRAINING is where the magic happens! Not only do you get a great workout, but at TRAINING you get to actualise as human beings two states of being – being together and being in nature. We connect to the community of people around us by pushing through together and tackling the challenges of the training session.

COMMUNITY through support and accountability is what defines us at FEAT. We get that environment is more important than will. By creating a space where people come together each day is the road to success. Having like-minded individuals lifting you up will change the trajectory of your path so much faster than anything you can will yourself.

Welcome 2020