What..! No session on a public holiday? What is happening here, that is very un-FEAT like... Or is it?

You will often hear people talk about holistic health or health being centred around balance in your life. But what is meant by this? I love the idea that there are 5 main pillars of health and wellbeing

  • Exercise or movement
  • Diet & Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Mindfulness
  • FUN!

Sunday 6th October 2019 is the start of Daylight Savings and on this early morning we lose an hour of sleep. This may actually seem quite inconsequential, but we at FEAT have decided to use this as a day to put emphasis on the 'Sleep' pillar of health.

Sleep is essential for all our daily functions, health and wellbeing. Although I think it's hard to say that one pillar is more important than any of the others, sleep would certainly be a good contender for the top spot. Everything we do, how we move, how we think and even how we see the world, starts from a night of good sleep.

So this year we're going to take the opportunity to give you back your sleep. On the October long weekend, just after we lose an hour from daylight savings, FEAT's training session is going to be a vigorous one. We are going to ask you to stay in bed and make sure you don't lose that hour of shut-eye. Rather, that you hold it to be as important as your training and schedule in the extra hour of sleep for that morning.

There are many elements to a good nights sleep and how you can go about getting it. If you are interested in hearing more detail Matt Walker's Ted Talk - Sleep is your Super Power

Sleeping Puppies